• Bro. Edmund Valdez

Scientific Bibles - What?

Some of the things I wonder when I surf the World Wide Web. I have no idea what they mean by being "Scientific" but these are the new "original text" of our Christian Bibles today. When people in the Translation Industry say, "its faithful to the original text" - what they really mean is that their Bible translations are faithful to the latest revised "original text." I thought its just the language of the Bible that changes, then why would they also change or revise the "original text" (Greek NT)?

Our modern NT Bible underwent more revision (28) since 1898 than the US (27) Constitution whose first amendment was first released in 1791. Well, our questions should be, what was revised (added or removed) from the "original text" of 1898? If the Word of God is such an important aspect of our lives should we not know what the German Bible Society is doing with the "original text"?

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